spring creek fly fishing nets

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  What is lead time to create a finish custom that is  to my specifications?
A It normally takes 6 to 7 months pending on the time of year to create a fully custom net. 

Q  What is the price range of your custom nets?
A  The price of range of my nets depend on the type of wood you desire to have your net made of and any personalized touches that you might want to add. Typically nets range between $185.00 -$550.00.  Custom Nets are Non-Refundable

Q  Do the magnet releases and safety lanyards come with the nets? Or are they an additional cost?
A  All my nets come with magnet releases and safety lanyards and are included in the cost of your net.

Q  If my rubber net tears, do you sell new ones?
A Yes. It will come with a new replacement bag and cord to install the new net.